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13 series aluminum alloy activity level adjustment wheel

Hits:827   Date:2021-07-30

Ordinary brake wheel braking mode: step on the brake handle to resist the wheel face brake with the brake pad. Every time when using, the wheel face will be damaged to some extent.


                                                                       Brake pads resist wheel surfaces                      The base is rubbing against the ground

Brake mode of horizontal adjusting wheel: rotate the adjusting handle clockwise to lower the base, so that the rubber base is close to the ground, and the friction between the base and the ground is used to brake. The base wear - resistant oil - resistant skid, because the wheel surface is not brake, avoid the wheel surface damage.

Casters: the support is made of high strength aluminum alloy die casting, using trapezoidal track manganese ring steering structure, by turning the adjustable handle to control the base up or down (0-10mm), in addition to realize the brake equipment, but also to adjust the horizontal position of the equipment, compensation plane uneven drop; The wheels are plastic injection molded PA wheels with good toughness and surface hardness of 65-75 °shoreD.

Application: Suitable for use in a variety of environments, the operating temperature is -25 to 80℃. Widely used in mechanical measuring equipment, medical equipment and various heavy load cabinet; Or electronic equipment, test equipment, semiconductor equipment, packaging equipment and other precision equipment.