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2023 year-end summary meeting

Hits:831   Date:2024-03-08

Zhongshan Xiangrong Caster Manufacturing Co., Ltd. held the 2023 year-end summary meeting at the company on January 26.

At the end of the year, we take stock of the past, and plan for the future.

Looking back on 2023, it is the first year of the second five-year plan - the first year of steady progress. With the epidemic opening up, the domestic market adheres to the Belt and Road Initiative and actively participates in exhibitions; the international market is developed through a two-pronged approach both online and offline; the purchasing department develops new suppliers; each production workshop carries out mold optimization, mold warehousing upgrades, and new equipment purchases, etc., and has achieved success. A wonderful opening battle!

This year, employee benefits have also been greatly improved. Activities such as employee outings, Labor Day afternoon tea, and tug-of-war competitions have enriched the cultural life of employees, enhanced mutual unity and friendship, and united the hearts of all Xiangrong employees.

2024 is the second year of the five-year plan - the year of deepening and strategic increment. It is also the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Xiangrong Company. In the past twenty years, we have followed the beating rhythm of the times and the melody of brave struggle and forge ahead, expanded the strategic space for Xiangrong development, and completed historic leaps in Xiangrong development!

Today, Zhongshan Xiangrong Caster Manufacturing Co., Ltd. keeps pace with the times and Shines with honor.

The following is the summary report of each department manager/supervisor in 2023.

The general manager pointed out that the company used to think that the delivery date was a problem and focused on solving the delivery date problem, but the fundamental problem was production capacity. Therefore, in 2023, the company will replace new equipment, open new models and strengthen supplier inventory management.

2024 is the beginning of the company’s third decade, and it is also the second year of Xiangrong’s five-year plan, the year of deepening and strategic increment. Each department must continue to deepen its efforts in molds, market development, products, etc. In the afternoon, the 2024 "Operation Plan" will be released, which represents a new beginning for Xiangrong and a year of transformation for the company.

The Administrative and Human Resources Department will once again increase its efforts to improve employee benefits in 2023, adding five new benefits. Such as traveling, tug-of-war competitions, etc. In terms of employee ability improvement, systematic outbound training and learning are conducted for different positions. In terms of innovation, a total of 160 items were collected, an increase of 22% over the same period last year, which provides a strong guarantee for the company's continuous improvement and development.

The work summary of the International Department in 2023 first reviewed the work carried out by the International Department in 2023, that is, in accordance with the "One Belt, One Road" strategy, using a development model that combines online and offline, and according to this development model, participated in 7 exhibitions throughout the year , visited 15 countries. Through participation in exhibitions and visits, we have increased the visibility of our brand and products in blank markets, enhanced the reputation of existing markets, and deepened our understanding of the foreign caster market.

Finally, looking forward to 2024, the International Department will continue to deeply implement the "One Belt, One Road" strategy, carry out market visits and exhibition activities, continue to expand territory, and expand the market share of our products.

The technology center made an overview and summary of the work throughout the year, focusing on five aspects: products, molds, inspection tools, technical data, and project management and control; it also shared cases of optimization and improvement projects; and finally, the company's product testing The standard proposes short-term, mid-term, and long-term planning goals and development ideas, and looks forward to the eventual establishment of testing standards and methods with industry credibility.

The quality control department's work in 2023 has been effective, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. In order to achieve the company's goals, the Quality ControlDepartment needs to identify deficiencies and actively make corrections in 2024,  and strictly implement the plans.

Starting from the distribution of days of the delivery cycle, and combining the production control data of each stage of each workshop, the manufacturing center analyzed and reported the existing factors that affect production capacity, as well as the corresponding strategies and results.

The Procurement Department shared certain work results achieved between 2022 and 2023. In the past year, it has achieved phased growth through the joint efforts of the departments. In addition, it also analyzed the existing problems and deficiencies in the current department work and formulated a series of plans with the goal of comprehensively improving supplier production capacity management and department management capabilities. All work is ultimately guided by market shipments. In the next 2024, the purchasing department will strive to achieve the goals of two improvements and one reduction: improvement in quality qualification rate, improvement in delivery timeliness, and cost reduction. At the same time, he participated in the signing of the annual strategic growth action plan military order to lay the foundation for the annual increase in 2024.

The Wind and Fire Division made a summary report from three aspects: "overview of main work in 2023, summary of main practices, and main work plan in 2024", analyzed the main work shortcomings, and proposed a "four-fold increase" in the next few years. main target.

The financial center reports that everything will be done if it is forewarned, and it will be ruined if it is not forewarned. In 2023, the global PMI index has been below the boom-bust line for one consecutive year, and the industry's prosperity level is unclear. Because the company has prepared a good budget and passed the guidance and control of the budget, although it did not meet the standards in 2023, it has stabilized its footing and has not been affected by the market environment. This department adheres to change, digital transformation, financial supervision, and 360-degree monitoring.

After the reports of the managers/supervisors of each department are completed, the general manager will release the "2024 Strategic Increment Plan". The "2024 Strategic Incremental Plan" is a corresponding business plan formulated by management leaders for the good development of corporate operations through participation in the "Setting of Annual Business Goals and Strategic Planning" training in November.


Next is the signing ceremony of the "Military Order" by the managers/supervisors of each department.

Finally, the chairman proposed that corporate culture is what drives Xiangrong to go further and brighter. He hopes that employees will take the corporate mission, corporate vision, and corporate values to make Xiangrong bigger and stronger!

Looking forward to 2024, it is the second year of the five-year plan - the year of deepening and strategic increment, and it is also the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Xiangrong Company. We all work together, help each other, and make rapid progress. Our work will surely yield fruitful results and achieve impressive results. Come on XiangRong staff!