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OA Project Launch Conference
OA Project Launch Conference 2018-06-11
On May 28, 2018, Zhongshan Xiangrong Caster Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Pan Micro Network Technology Co., Ltd. jointly held the OA project launch conference. Mr. Fan Jinliang, our executive of the OA project, first announced the official launch of our company’s new OA p...
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Zhongshan Caster Industry Association’s 3rd Board of Council Meeting
Zhongshan Caster Industry Association’s 3r.. 2018-06-11
On May 18, 2018, the third meeting of the first session of the Zhongshan Casters Industry Association was held at the Xiaolan GongRestaurant! Agenda 1: The secretaryreads out the list of newmembers and announced the new Board of Councilmembers, it is approved by the council. ...
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"SUPO" Medical Levers And Linker Instructi.. 2018-06-11
Assembly Tips: SUPO medical levershastwo types,one is the twin pedal with hexagonal hole, the other is twin pedal with quincuncial hole, they both are aluminium alloy made.When installing, the hexagonal pedals are more stable, but the pedal angle is not easy to adjustduring assembling. However ...
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The 09C 8-inch Iron PU Shock Absorb Wheel
The 09C 8-inch Iron PU Shock Absorb Wheel 2018-05-23
Ensure the industry for the best quality of caster made.Introducing to you our09C 8-inchiron PU wheel, it styleswithdark green paintedfork andorange iron PU wheel, putsteadyand practicalinone. About the 09C 8-inch iron PU wheel, its PU wheelnot only has wear resistance, chemical resistance, as well ...
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