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The 3rd world Internet Conference
Public Date:2016-11-16 14:00:11     Source:admin     Reading:995 times

     Internet load with human dreams, related to people’s happiness. The 3rd world Internet conference is held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province.


     This conference take “Create Innovation, benefit human—set up Internet Cyber fortune unity” is main theme. Hope to achieve common connection and understanding.

President Xi, Jin express his idea via video. 

     Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba, only China entrepreneur make key speech—next 30 years belong to “good usage of internet technology company, country and youth”


     He said: coming 30 years are most key 30 years of human being. New technology will forge traditional industries, lead great change of human society. “No matter who are you, where are you, all of us is part of this innovation”


    Jack Ma said: there are no boundaries in future Internet, such like electricity. Nobody will reject internet, nobody will exist without internet. Assault is not ecommerce. Ecommerce is only grasp technology and idea of internet.


    He considered that 3 technology revolutions happened in recent 2-3 hundred years. The period of each technical revolution is 50 years: first 20 years are technical R & D, later 30 years are technology application. First technology revolution leaded coal before production material. The 2nd technology revolution let petroleum become material This internet technology revolution, data will be material, computing will be productive force.

    Next 30 year will be great happiness for mankind when Internet technology and resources become common utility.

    This conference will be joined by government officials and entrepreneurs from over 120 countries from 5 continents. This conference will discuss 2017  network safety, internet+, combination between Internet and technology. 

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