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Internet Celebrity also is a Brand
Public Date:2016-11-23 14:15:38     Source:admin     Reading:769 times

2016 “Double 11” festival emerge a core highlight: introduce “Internet Celebrity” live broadcast, to stimulate “interactive consumption” with young user. Some small brand can’t afford big stars for advertisement, so have to utilize more low-cost internet celebrity or live broadcast, but the result is unexpected excellent; while many big rich brand still hire stars for brand representative lose the bonus of this era, since they don’t know to use internet celebrity for live broadcasting or don’t know how to use “self media”


A conclusion from Nicole Laporte, current famous US internet celebrity: “ Females, especially born after 1985, or after 1995, never get beauty advice from counters in big stores or stars, but instead to watch video from Beauty internet celebrity, and try cosmetic brands recommended by them”


Born in 1987, Nicole Laporte owned 8 million fans in Youtube, her video had been watched over 1 billion times. She made above-mentioned conclusion is base on the fact” Brand become insignificant during mobile internet era”

During the past 1 year, “collapse of P&G” is the topic which had been discussed hotly many times. Any peoples mentioned 1 point: big brands, such as P&G, are the product of big industry era. But with development of mobile internet, big data, e-commerce, importance of brand had been faded. During Internet era, individuation demand had been fully waken up. Consumers start to use “me” as center, for example, many consumers prefer to put graphic or several characters on his/her cloth. But such customized production is not worthwhile for big brand, only small brand is willing to low its attitude to satisfy consumer demand.

This will caused function of product become more and more important while brand awareness become less and less. There is no necessary relation for the brand whether is welcomed by consumer, for the brand is “Big” or not. Showed from data of Alibaba, commodity of medium and small brands trading amount increased 10% during past 3 years—medium and small brands obtain favors from market, since their attitude to consumers’ individuation demand


As aborigines in internet era, many posted 90s and 95s had no deep impression for brand. Most people in this age mentality are “what the hell of brand, individuation are key points” 


Compared with big brands representative by stars, small brand representative by internet celebrity are more easily satisfy young consumer’s taste. Correctly speaking, internet celebrity himself/herself is brand. 

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