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“Heart Together, Endeavour Together”
Public Date:2018-4-25 13:40:36     Source:admin     Reading:88 times

    On March 25, 2018, Company organized one day outward bound training at Wugui Shan, Nanqiao Village, Outdoor Development Base. This event aim to enhance the cohesiveness among our employees. Cultivate teamwork with each other, Develop innovative thinking and improve working capabilities. In just one day, we took part in a series of outreach activities such as team training, team challenge, aerial horizontal bar, aerial bridge, paintball shoot, and climbing over the Graduation Wall. We all had a stressful and meaningful day. Time is short-lived, but the implication has a far-reaching impact on everyone’s heart in XiangRong.

    In this short day, outreach training really benefited us. We first start of from a team building training. According to the slogan given by the coach, the team will make gestures. In the process of various value-added activities, everyone has thought about the meaning of one’s role being in the team and the importance of team bonding. After several rounds, there will be always one or two of them could not keep up with the rest, but no one gave up and never complained. We continued to challenge ourselves again and again. We believe that there was nothing we could not do. Accommodate differences, harmonize differences, utilize differences, draw on each others’ strengths in differences, and create a collective and perfect team in the differences.

    Immediately after the team was divided into four groups, the next team challenge has two rounds. First round is call beat the number board. We have to confuse the numbers and form a circle, then beat the numbers in the order of the fastest speed. The second round mobilized all of us. We first transferred the balloon, then thrown the water bottle and shouted out the slogan last. The team that completed the shortest time won. These two games are aim to test the team's cooperation when there is difficulties.





    In this training, the most exciting moment is the following activities. First is paintball shoot, then challenge the aerial horizontal bar and high altitude broken bridge, simulated drills encountered dangers, difficulties during work at heights, and further enhanced the teamwork spirit and personal psychological quality in the team. In this project, as we have difficulties in our daily work or life, we should not fear, adjust our mentality, move forward, challenge ourselves, and ultimately succeed. It also made me profoundly understand that, in many cases, we have magnified the difficulties ourselves, and if we cannot overcome our own psychological barriers, we will lose.







    During the last activities, we must climb over the 4.2 meters high graduation wall without any equipment assist. If we aim to win the game, we must first form a leadership team and divide task accordingly to all the members. A total of 81 participate, used only 5 minute to successfully cross the 4.2 meters wall. We thought of using the first two rows to be a ladder, select ten 10 people for rotation, one to be the main ladder and the other to be the next ladder. We step on each other’s shoulders, people who first climb up with hands will pull the following people up. When you step on ones shoulder, there are dozens of powerful hands behind to support their back to create a force that pushing us climbing up. We all had the sense of insecurity feeling that ever felt but with courage to move forward. At first we encountered many problems, such as unclear instructions, too noise when discussing. However every time when we back from failures, we aim to improve ourselves and clear our own position through analysis, so as to achieve ones potential in a team.




    Mr. Li Zijie, the general manager, was touched by the team spirit of all the staff during the training. He summed up several points for this outreach training: First, we must have a ready plan before carrying out any actions. For instance, during our routine meeting, we used 3 hours to discuss the problems which can be settled within half an hour. We are losing the team's time. Second, listen and obedience to the rules and regulations. When leader delegate task, we should execute them resolutely. If there is doubt, we can negotiate and change the strategy after. Similar in our practical workplace, we should actively and quickly transform roles and mindset, accurately locate and obey the arrangement given by the managers. Third, be smart when facing problems and learn to think from others perspective. Fourth, Learn to cooperate with each other in a team, to supervise each other, so as to improve efficiency, and to mobilize enthusiasm and enthusiasm during work.

    After experiencing the success of dedication, collaboration, everyone has a profound sense of being responsibility, and the importance of collaboration as well as having confidence in a team. It also provides a platform for our employees to better facilitate the company's goal of humanistic construction and sustainable development.

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