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"SUPO" Medical Levers And Linker Instructions
Public Date:2018-6-11 10:17:32     Source:admin     Reading:180 times

Assembly Tips:

SUPO medical levers has two types,one is the twin pedal with hexagonal hole, the other is twin pedal with quincuncial hole, they both are aluminium alloy made. When installing, the hexagonal pedals are more stable, but the pedal angle is not easy to adjust during assembling. However the quincuncial pedal can be adjusted to a suitable pedaling angle, but the pedal is relatively easy to slip sometimes. Meanwhile, when selecting linker, usually the long-axis medical wheel is equipped with a long linker, the short-axis medical wheel is equipped with a short linker. The long linker is more easy to operate as compare to the short linker because the moment arm is longer.When installing linker to the medical bed, the brake angle is 45 degrees for long linker , and 30 degrees for short linker. Therefore, although the long linker saves effort, but sometimes the long linker can easily heats the medical bed when it rotates. In addition, properly select the correct pedal and linker is very importance. The best way is base on your needs and usage condition to choose the correct combination for your medical bed.

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