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OA Project Launch Conference
Public Date:2018-6-11 10:45:42     Source:admin     Reading:190 times

    On May 28, 2018, Zhongshan Xiangrong Caster Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Pan Micro Network Technology Co., Ltd. jointly held the OA project launch conference.

    Mr. Fan Jinliang, our executive of the OA project, first announced the official launch of our company’s new OA project cooperated with Pan Micro.The background of the OA project was introduced: OA is the replacement of manual operations through the formulation and informatization process, which comprehensively improves operational efficiency, leaves marks for work, and accumulates decision-making basis. Project objectives: Establish company and employee portals, establish key business processes, establish knowledge management libraries, and develop independent maintenance capabilities.

    Mr. Fan introduced the constituent members of the Pan-Micro Corporation project and divided it into two groups, internal and external. The external team members are sales director Mr. Liu Zhenjun, project manager Mr. Zhong Weixiong, and development engineer Mr. Lin Peiqiang. The internal team from Zhongshan Xiangrong Caster Manufacturing Co., Ltd., they are general manager and project leader Mr. Li Zhijie, project manager Mr.He Zhiling, implementation of the project Mr. Fan Jinliang and Mr. He Jiansheng, as well as the heads of various departments.


    Secondly, Mr. Zhong Weixiong, pan-micro’s project manager, gave a detailed description of implementation strategy, organizational guarantee and operation plans for the new OA system. The focus of the project implementation can be divided into 7 stages:

(1Project start-up phase

(2Requirements research phase

(3Plan blueprint phase

(4System implementation phase

(5Launch preparation phase

(6System on-line phase

(7Project acceptance phase


    The project time is expected to be from May 28th, 2018 to August 15th, 2018. It also emphasizes the hope that each person in charge can effectively guarantee the timeliness and accuracy of the successful use of OA, because only when the data is clear and accurate can ensure the entire system running smoothly.


    At the same time, Shanghai Pan-Micro Company also introduced in detail: the software’s development and the service mechanism for our company, which allowed us to truly understand the service system of our new OA system, and the efforts made by the external team to ensure normal operations. We also known that there are four major misunderstandings and seven possible risks when using the OA system. In addition,we discussed about the OA presentation time needed, the authority process, the function of classification search, and completed the opinion box. All questions are being raised by the internal team members and answered by the external team with detail solutions.


    ThirdlyMr. He Zhiling, the project manager reiterated the seven stages and emphasized two crucial stages: the requirements research stage and the system implementation stage. In these two phases, it is the important process of system’s compatibility and workable to our company’s needs.By emphasizing the major misunderstandings of this OA project, He guided the team on how to make the correct concept of service. Overall he has played a strong boost to the team.


    The project leader  Mr.Li zhijie, general manager from Xiangrong Company has mentioned before the launch of this OA program , the company has reviewed this project again and again, repeated communication and investigation from all departments, and reached a final implementation goals from all levels. The OA project is the fourth on-line project of Zhongshan Xiangrong Caster Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It is the first move from a non-standard company towards standardization.

    We believed that through the comprehensive service mechanism of Shanghai Pan-micro and the cooperation and hard work of our senior and middle-level leaders, the company can truly realize the timeliness and effectiveness of data and information transmission, truly realize paperless and efficient office, and thus improve the company's management effectively. Wishing this OA project a successful cooperation between Xiangrong Company and Shanghai Pan-Micro.

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