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Introduction to star products

Hits:2642   Date:2019-12-19

Xiangrong power launched the promotion of "star products" in early December. We have listed: 1.z03s-01-100-221; 2.z03s-04-100-221; 3.c08-01-38-421; 4.c08-01-38-421, the four already popular products as "star products", and implemented the promotion of "big price discount, no quality discount". For these four "star products", I would like to give you a brief introduction.


Z03s-01-100-221 & z03s-04-100-221, Chinese full name is "03s galvanized 4-inch (flat bottom movable / fixed) single bearing orange PU wheel".

3. The wheel material of the product is polyurethane (PU), which is characterized by: (1) very wear-resistant; (2) certain elasticity, able to protect the floor and tile and other floors; (3) small rolling resistance, easy to push; (4) not resistant to acid, alkali and other chemical environment; (5) brittleness at - 20 ℃, and the bearing capacity will decline when it is higher than 80 ℃.


2. The product support is chrome plated, which can reach the salt spray test 24 hours and above grade 6, approximately equal to 1 year in the natural environment, and the rust area will exceed 0.5% of the surface area, but less than 1%.