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Xiangrong Power

SUPO is the highend caster brand under Zhongshan Xiangrong Caster Manufacturing Co., Ltd (Hereafter call “Xiangrong”). Xiangrong is a caster R&D manufacturing enterprise, devoted itself on technology innovation to provide highend moving experience solution for all kinds of industry, medical and hotel. Xiangrong focus on real demand of consumption of endusers, try its best to provide more caster choice for all clients. Xiangrong pursue improvement room on every micron, just provide more perfect logistics transportation method.

Close to real demand of consumer

Based on the philosophy of “People first”, SUPO emphasize on user experience during usage, analyzed on real caster application environment. Xiangrong will put every R&D force on innovation of technology to improve consumer feeling. 

Technology drive industry upgrading 

SUPO keep innovation philosophy on “looks simple caster” since 2004, because Xiangrong always pursue best product. The R&D system, based on consumer demand oriental, develop over 22,000 kinds of casters on industry, medical, furniture applications. Xiangrong own its city-level engineering R&D development center and technology center, obtained 59 product outlook patents, 11 practical new patents. In the road of pushing caster upgrading, SUPO is always keep exploration.

Extend brand value via high-quality service

Xiangrong owned perfect technology service traing mechanism, annual agent training, quarterly rear technology support since the company established. Because we know, product quality is the basics of brand enterprise. Highquality service is one extension for brand value. More image stores coverage, more analysis & advices on product selection, more professional technology backup, more faster product response, just provide each customer of high-quality brand experience on every detail.


Ceaseless Growth, Fulfill Enterprise’s social responsibility

Fulfill social responsibility for employees and society is one of Xiangrong’s promises. 

Since its setup, Xiangrong believe enterprise is the organization who create social value. In addition toprovide more motion expriences, Xiangrong took part different product donations, love donations, social public welfare. 

Till now, Xiangrong is planning new blueprint, now innovation to provide better solution and brand valueto dedicate you!