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Optimization of wave disk

Hits:2496   Date:2020-07-07

The life of a product will go through the stages of birth, cultivation, growth, profitability and optimization. Only when the quality is stable, the most favorable business objectives can be achieved through innovation and optimization. 2020 is a special year, and all walks of life are facing a new round of challenges. At the same time, the company's products have entered a stable period of growth, and it has the ability to provide better services for the mass industry. It is time for us to find a breakthrough point and re evaluate the service life of the product, so as to build its second life. Combined with the product supply chain, logistics chain and production efficiency maximization, we optimize the 03s, 05s, 07S, 08 series of activities into a double brake lower wave plate. Although the product cost has increased, it can effectively reduce the supply system and logistics system, and quickly improve the service quality and delivery efficiency with the point coverage mode!