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Medical Bed Caster

Hits:382   Date:2024-03-21

M01 Series is a dedicated wheel for medical hospital beds. It not only has a good appearance, but also has deep connotation.

About appearance:

1.Product Lines: The appearance of the product's brackets and wheels is composed of full and rounded arcs. The sleek and concise design of the product's exterior creates a sense of stereoscopic fullness and a "slightly plump" feel, making it both visually appealing and stable.

2.Product Surface: The metal parts of the product undergo polishing and chromium plating processes. This results in a mirror-like smooth surface, while the chromium coating also exhibits the color of silver, a precious metal. When combined, they create an immediate impression of a high-end product.

About connotation:

1.Rotating Structure: Compared to similar products on the market, our bracket's ball bearing track is enhanced with a precision high-strength metal track shim. This shim provides an ultra-precise and ultra-wear-resistant track for the ball bearings, resulting in superior flexibility and durability compared to other similar products. Additionally, the wheels incorporate SUPO's customized precision bearings, ensuring smoother and quieter rotation.

2.Rust Prevention: The product features a chromium-plated rust-proof coating, offering a higher level of rust resistance than zinc-plated counterparts on the market.

3.Braking System: We continue to use SUPO's classic dual-pedal braking design. Pressing "ON" activates the brake, while pressing "OFF" releases it, providing a comfortable and shoe-friendly experience.

4.Wheel Material: The wheels are available in two materials: PU (polyurethane) and TPR (thermoplastic rubber). PU offers greater load-bearing capacity, while TPR excels in silent performance. Both materials are resistant to corrosion from common chemicals (such as water, acids, alkalis, and alcohol solvents) and can be used on smooth surfaces with solvents or oil for short periods. They also exhibit excellent UV and ozone resistance. In terms of safety and hygiene, they do not produce dust or emit harmful gases, ensuring no pollution to the surrounding environment.

Apart from the M01 Series, we also offer the M02 medical bed Caster. The M02 can be likened to the M01 with armor plating. To cater to market demands, we have designed a set of plastic outer shells that fit over the M01, giving the product a fuller appearance and a superbly stable look. The natural color of the plastic also softens the product's hue, eliminating the harshness of metal and allowing it to blend more seamlessly into the hospital room environment.

Both the M01 and M02 are now ready for selection. We look forward to your choice.