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2023 Employee Appreciation Gala

Hits:426   Date:2024-03-14

On the evening of January 26th, the "Employee Appreciation Gala" of Zhongshan Xiangrong Casters Manufacturing Co., Ltd. successfully concluded. Mr. Li Youzhi, the Chairman of the company, Mr. Li Zijie, the General Manager, as well as all the management personnel and employees attended the gala together.

In the past year, all employees of the company have focused on the business management requirements of "starting the year with stability and seeking progress" in the first year of the second five-year plan, and carried out various tasks in depth to support the high-quality development of the enterprise.


The journey has not been entirely smooth: trade wars, the COVID-19 pandemic, and other factors have caused turbulence in the external market. Internally, we have faced limitations in capacity, processes, and facilities, resulting in constraints on our development. Despite these challenges, the company has chosen to focus on strengthening its internal capabilities, encouraging innovation, and inspiring creativity and a sense of belonging among employees beyond their day-to-day work. We have planned and implemented relocations for stamping and assembly operations to reduce logistics costs.

With the experience accumulated from the automation efforts of the previous five-year plan, it has become feasible to further implement automation within the new plan. We have introduced robotic arms, automatic gate cutters, and in-line scrap crushers. The optimization and verification of process drawings have given us greater confidence in the stable production of subsequent products. Skills training has made our team more enthusiastic about thinking and full of vitality.

At the gala, individuals who have made outstanding contributions in daily work, technological innovation, and assistance in 2023 were recognized and honored.

"Emphasis on innovation" is a crucial aspect of the company's five-year development plan, and the company has specifically established awards and bonuses to encourage everyone's active participation. Currently, the 2023 Innovation Awards have been selected in two main categories: "Management" and "Technology".




The "Zhilan Award" is a newly added prize at this year's gala, established to recognize outstanding technological innovation proposals that have generated profits for the company. Mr. Li Youzhi, the founder of the company, has always been committed to product development, maintaining an innovative attitude from the appearance and color of the products to their structural design, which has led to the success of Xiangrong today. In order to uphold the founder's original aspiration and encourage Xiangrong employees to continuously improve their technical skills, the company has established the "Zhilan Award" in the name of the chairman and his wife.

In addition to the award ceremony, the gala also included exciting lucky draws for gifts and various performances.


2024 will be a new phase filled with even greater challenges and opportunities, marking a significant milestone in the company's history as we celebrate our 20th anniversary. All Xiangrong employees will closely follow our strategic goals and embark on a new journey. In the second year of the five-year plan, themed "Deepening and Strategic Growth," we will rise to the challenges, overcome all difficulties, actively explore, seize opportunities, and achieve new successes, writing a new chapter in the high-quality development of Xiangrong!