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Charity is everywhere - and we don't stop there

Hits:920   Date:2024-04-18

On March 2, as the president of Zhongshan Castor Association, our company participated in the annual charity activities. This activity is not only a public welfare action, but also a test of team cohesion. It is my great honor to be in charge of the preparatory work of this activity. From the mobilization of registration personnel in the early stage, to the preparation of materials, the arrangement of station positions and the related communication work, every link was full of challenges and fun.

   On the day of the event, although the weather was not pleasant, it was raining heavily, but this did not affect our enthusiasm. All colleagues of the company arrived at the scene on time, put on the disposable raincoats and used the umbrellas, formed a unique landscape. This is thanks to a group message "everyone remember to take the umbrella before going out", this is our team spirit, in the face of difficulties, we will not retreat, but will actively cope with and overcome together.

    After the raining, the activity began in earnest. Although our platoon number is No.70, which is relatively late, the scenery along the way surprised us: 53 special teams performed along the way, including Xiaolan Hong Boxing, West District  Drunken Dragon dance, Nanlang Quekou flowing color Huangpu  Qilin dance, South District Shachong Ma Jia gun, Chaoshan Yingge dance and other intangible cultural heritage projects, which brought us a cultural visual feast. These performances not only let us feel the cultural charm of our hometown, but also increased my interest in participating in charity work.



 The company has been actively participating in various public welfare activities, committed to promoting the development of the hometown. Every effort brings a hope for the future of our hometown. Participating in charity is not only a public welfare activity, but also a process of team building. Through this activity, we not only improved our teamwork ability, but also got a deeper understanding of the culture of our hometown. I believe that as long as we work together, we can make more contributions to the development of our hometown.