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Optimized locking method of trolley handle seat

Hits:84   Date:2024-06-04

Trolleys are simple to operate, easy to maintain, easy to carry, and flexible to move. They are widely used in daily life and production. They are suitable for material handling industries such as factories, office buildings, libraries, hotels, catering industries, and logistics transportation. They are ideal choice for small-scale short-distance transportation.

The main body of our trolley is composed of plastic sheets, hardware handles, and silent casters. The trolley has the features of silent running, light weight, foldable handle and anti-slip flat surface.

Before optimization:

1. The original trolley handle has a locking structure of a shaft pin + a one-way stopper. In this structure, the stopper is prone to loosening or falling off, and this one-way stopper is not in circulation on the market.

2. A special tooling fixture is required to install this one-way stop piece.

3. The current trolley installation is on an installation table with a clamp. Only one person can be installed at a time, and the daily output is low.


1. The handle adopts a screw + lock nut locking structure, which prevents loosening and locks tighter at the same time.

2. Screw + lock nut are in circulation in the market, making it easy to replace accessories and reducing inventory costs.

3. Solve the problem of installation with a fixture installation platform. Several people can be arranged to install together at a time, which greatly improves efficiency.