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32nd CWMEE

Hits:199   Date:2024-05-16

On March 27, 2024, the 32nd CWMEE was grandly held in Changsha. As a large enterprise, our brand image has deeply penetrated the hearts of consumers and has won recognition and praise from both consumers and the industry. To provide ample space for the future development of our company, we participated in CWMEE.

During the exhibition, our booth was excellently located in the central area of the exhibition, attracting a significant flow of visitors. Our exhibition staff were dedicated in their preparations, showcasing casters and related products, technological achievements, and patent certificates that cater to local enterprises. They warmly received each visitor and provided detailed answers to their questions.

At the exhibition, we also visited local enterprises in Hunan, conducted on-site observations, inquired about their usage of casters, and actively explained the features and advantages of our products. We exchanged contact information with every interested enterprise, laying the foundation for developing customers in the Hunan region in the future.

Throughout the exhibition, we experienced smooth sailing and reaped substantial gains. These three days gave us a comprehensive understanding of the field. Seeing the recognition of our products by customers made all our efforts worthwhile, and we felt a deep sense of pride in our brand.

This Hunan Changsha Exhibition was not only an exhibiting experience but also an opportunity for friendly exchanges with enterprises in the Hunan region. It was an important step in consolidating and developing our market in Hunan.